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Portable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers


Temperature & Humidity Logger | OM-90_Series

Temperature & Humidity Logger

1 year warranty CE
  • Models for Temperature (OM-91) and Temperature/Humidity (OM-92)
  • Low-Cost Calibration Options
  • Immediate, Delayed (Specific Date/Time) or Pushbutton Start
  • Real-Time Mode
  • User-Configurable High and Low Alarms
  • LED Status Indicators
  • USB Interface for Fast Data Transfer
  • Compact, Light Weight, Easy-to-Use
  • Long Battery Life
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The OM-90 Series are portable, battery operated, temperature (OM-91) and temperature/humidity (OM-92) data loggers. Temperature is measured to an accuracy of ±0.3°C over the range of 5 to 60°C and ±2.0°C over the full range of -30 to 80°C. Relative humidity is measured to an accuracy of ±3.0% RH over the 20 to 80% RH range and ±5.0% RH over the 0 to 100% RH range. Both temperature and relative humidity are logged at a user configurable logging rate which is software selectable.

These data loggers are ideal for transportation applications where it is necessary to document that the material in-transit has stayed within particular environmental limits. High/low alarm limits can be set above or below which LED indicators will be activated so that the user can become aware that the desired transportation conditions have been exceeded.

Each data logger can be assigned a 16 character name. This can be helpful in applications where multiple data loggers are used and there is a need to distinguish between them (for example based on location).

The data logger includes a very easy to use software application. The application is used for configuration of the logger, extraction of logger data, graphically viewing data, spread sheet analysis of data and saving data to file (typically in comma separated value CSV file format) for third party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The graphical user interface is completely intuitive in terms of configuring new devices and extracting data. When the user has multiple devices requiring the same set-up then a pre-saved configuration file can be loaded into the application to help expedite the process and ensure all loggers get configured identically. The application does not require any driver installations to connect to the data logger. Just install the software, run it and then connect the data logger.

    Range: -30 to 80°C (-22 to 176°F)
    Resolution: 0.01°C
    Accuracy: ±0.3°C from 5 to 60°C (41 to 140°F), ±2.0°C over the full range

Humidity (OM-92 Only)
    Range: 0 to 100% RH
    Resolution: 0.01% RH
    Accuracy: ±3% over 20 to 80% RH range; ±5% RH below 20% RH or above 80% RH

    OM-91: 65,520 temperature measurements
    OM-92: 65,520 temperature and 65,520 humidity measurements

Start Modes: Immediate start on disconnect from PC, delayed start (scheduled date/time) or pushbutton start
Recording Mode: Stop on memory full; when data logger operation is start/stopped by user intervention via button press, last memory location is retained
Recording Interval: 1 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 10 min, 30 min, 1 hr (software selectable)
Software Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Real Time Logging: Displays real time data when connected to a PC
Real Time Clock: Time automatically synced to PC
Battery Backup: Continues to keep time when off
Accuracy: 0.50 sec/day (~3 min/year)
Alarms: High and Low alarms for temperature and humidity; dedicated alarm LED indicator
LED Indicators: Alarm and status LEDs
Device ID: Each data logger can have a 16 character name assigned
Connections: 90 cm USB Micro-B to PC cable (included)
Power: 3V lithium CR2450 battery included (user replaceable)
Battery Life: Up to 4 year battery life while logging
Bypass Mode: Unit is powered from USB when connected to conserve the battery
Dimensions: 53 H x 33 W x 15 mm D
Weight: 25 g
Bestellangaben (Bitte Modellnummer angeben)
OM-91 Star
Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen
Temperature data logger
OM-91-UKCAL Star
Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen
Temperature data logger with single point (25°C) calibration certificate traceable to UK standards
OM-92 Star
Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen
Temperature/humidity data logger
OM-92-UKCAL Star
Lieferzeit: 2 Wochen
Temperature/humidity data logger with single point temperature and 3 point humidity (25°C & 30, 50 75%RH) calibration certificate traceable to UK standards
*Alle Preisangaben in Euro.
Anmerkung: Comes complete with Windows software and operator's manual on CD and 0.9 m USB interface cable and 3V lithium battery.

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